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"Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans" – John Lennon.

Never give up on your dream. You just may have to trim it at the edges a bit.

Brought up by hand in Liverpool, it's taken Trey 30 years to find his voice – and every step of the way has been worth it. In 2017, Trey wrote 105 songs, and this year's looking just as good. With all those years over his callow youth, there's grain in the voice, and rich experience brought to every note.

What's he do? Handmade music for real people – with a strong 60's-70's vibe.

Torch songs, roque songs and songs to get you wiggling your behind. Songs for singing in the shower, and taking a big fat chill during drive time. Songs for cooking a great meal, and songs for getting out the hoover. Songs for romantic interludes, and songs for the heartbreak.

Sounds like? We think, "Bowie meets Beck on the back of the bus"Why not find out for yourself? 


Trey's Way – The Blog

Got Moves? 

This guy won the Tiny Desk concert competition recently, and with good reason.

* A solid tune
* A voice like walnut butter pancakes
* Sweet moves – especially when on a mic

Sharp suit too :-)

More tunes after the first one.

The Real Secret of Charisma 

Here's a very 90s start to this post:

charisma |kəˈrɪzmə|


1 compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others: she enchanted guests with her charisma.

2 ( pl. charismata |-ˌmətə| ) (also charism |ˈkarˌizəm|)a divinely conferred power or talent.

ORIGIN mid 17th cent. ( sense 2): via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek kharisma, from kharis ‘favor, grace.’

Charisma transcends cash, youth, slimness and education. In a world inundated with cliche, charisma is the rare sparkle of the…

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Good News, Bad News 

Hey Roque-fans! We've a classic balls-up to report – which, in the spirit of marketing spin, we're seeing as a glass-half-full kinda type situation.

The cock-up? Take a look at this track listing on the CD:

Now listen to "side-B" of the CD version of Subject To Change. The first song is I Said Something. And the next?

That's right. Trey did the old switcheroo on the tracks Enchante! and Clutch Hitter's Song. Damn his eyes!

... Really, we mean it. Damn his eyes!

You know, when you look at a tree in the summertime…Read more


We've really pleased to finally report that the LP SUBJECT TO CHANGE CD is now ready for your listening pleasure.

Here's the cover:

Sadly, thanks to EU meddling, for now it is not possible to sell digital downloads of this LP, or of the Trey Roque EP. This is on CD, and of course, you can order it to be shipped or buy it at one of Trey's shows.

In the meantime, come see Trey perform sometime soon, and put in an order for what we hope will be a fabilicious experience for your ears!

And let us know what you think…Read more

May Day Is For Lovers in Prague 

Thanks to a famous poem, it's traditional in the capital, if not the provinces, to go to a park (Petrin) and kiss under the cherry-tree blossom.

Well, when it comes to kissing lovely ladies in romantic settings, we are always up to our chores, so up the hill we troop....

Meanwhile, there was some quite nice classical ensemble playing. If anyone know the pieces they're playing,let us know in the comments.

Firsts of the Season 

Spring's come to Prague, and the kestrels are a-screetching. Which is music to their ears, if no one else's...

Actually, kestrels are close to Trey's heart. Maybe it's the imprinting from Ken Loach's fine movie, 'Kes', or maybe it's how these birds thrive in spite of Man's depredations. Hey – maybe it's simply that they're a good-lookin', graceful creature.

Meanwhile a first lonely swift cut across the courtyard today. Another noisy bird, sure, but a good omen for the tee-shirted weather to come.

Gimme Mello Cello  

SUBJECT TO CHANGE is not even cut into warm slices and sent out the door in a nice square box, and Trey is already working on the next LP.

That's right. This one is slated for release November 2015... So he ought to get kneading more of that tasty dough, right?

To this end, let’s give a Roquing welcome to Ranjana Epp, our journeywoman cellist!

Here’s a rough demo of our first rehearsal, for that old favourite, SUGARPLUM FAIRY. It’s a bit shaky, as Trey’d just cut his finger deep on a trashcan, and Rani…

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SUBJECT TO CHANGE – Track Listing. Mnam! 

We know you know you want to know. Here's the track listing:

SUBJECT TO CHANGE IS Side-A                                                Side-B  

Don't forget – it's an acoustic-like album. But of course, that don't mean it don't ROQUE!

'SUBJECT TO CHANGE' – New Full-Length LP to be Released This May! 

After much Murphy's Law, K2-sized learning curves and false promises, the new LP is gonna be OUT! W00t!

Titled SUBJECT TO CHANGE, it boasts 14 tracks of singer-songwriter goodness. Oh my!

Trey is playing all the instruments he plays on it and none of those instruments he doesn't play. Tracked, arranged, produced, and mixed himself. It's like a gesamkunstwerk for the lonely, a soup-to-nuts affair..... Wait.... Don't hold that thought.

"But is this just another bloke noodling on an acoustic guitar?"  we hear you…Read more

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