Trey Roque – Singer-Songwriter

SOUNDS LIKE – Bowie meets Beck on the back of the bus.

Brought by hand in Liverpool, Trey is from the 45rpm-school of hitting ‘em hard and leaving ‘em wanting more. Just listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube – the whole shebang – and find out for yourself.

A regular on the Prague music scene, Trey's influences include The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello, White Stripes and, of course, David Bowie and Beck.

NEW MUSIC FOR 2019 – 2018 was a big year for Trey – with a star-crossed love affair and 161 songs to show for it. This means through 2019, Trey is releasing (at least!) one song per week in demo form on YouTube, and will launch a double album of haunting ballads titled “Intimate Letters”. Subscribe and hit the notifications bell to stay tuned!

SONGWRITING CLASSES – Music is to be shared, and there should be no secrets in making it. To this end, Trey’s been running songwriting workshops – helping beginners achieve their dream of writing a song.

2019 will also see his alternate YouTube channel “Trey’s Way” which truly opens the kimono on what songwriting really means. An open kimono?! That’s gotta be worth seeing, right?

BOOKING – If you run house concerts, a coffee shop, gallery or festival – drop him an email. Let's make a show!

Follow – And don't forget to Like this Facebook band page for news on new releases and shows. Subscribe to his Instagram, YouTube channel and Spotify playlists. In the words of Geddy lee, “Tell your friends!”

BTW, it's R-O-Q-U-E, as in 'rock'.....


Trey's Way – The Blog

Songs to Make You Go 'Blub' - Part I 

One of the beauties of music – a simple 3 minute song – is how it cuts to your core. Trey is no stranger to this and, indeed, this is his raison d'etre...

But there's no clear-cut formula for what can do it. It can be some cheesy mainstream radio crap, or something with no blues in it whatsoever, but for some reason it hits that fundamental.

Let's pursue a few of the things that make Trey go blub. After all, they all somehow end up in his music.

First up, so apropos. And Trey's seminal teenage concert. There's…Read more

Hot News! Trey – Now Available For House Concerts 

If you'd like to host a concert by Trey in your own home, simply drop us a line by email.

What else do you need to do?

It's easy – just invite your friends and family, and let your neighbours know you'll be having guests.

There's no fee to book Trey, as it's donations only.

And that's pretty much it! One fabulicious home-cooked concert, and a lovely evening had by all!

Belatedly Missed – Elliot Smith 

Elliot was a master of the twisted common expression, fingerpicking acoustic guitar in the face of grunge, and a "spidery" voice shot straight to the heart of anyone ever not part of the bumbling masses.

Maddeningly, there is no way to actually buy this song......

FWIW, this song has a "Verse A, Chorus, Verse B" structure with an interesting modulation. Not that anyone gives a doggam, only maybe Elvis in this tune:

And Trey, in The Bloody Rose Called Love (unrecorded, but if you ask nicely, he will play it…Read more

Vesely novy svatku! – National Hot Dog Day (USA) 

We guess it had to happen.

After all, a portable, almost warm, semi-nutritious dish that wears well with both ketchup and mustard (sadly, shy of fried onions in this burg), deserves its own 24 hours of joy.

Welcome to National Hot Dog day! Now trending on Twitter.

Here at Power's Towers, we fondly reminisce over looong dogs at US baseball games; Prague eurodogs at 8kc (pop the top, watch the contents spill into the street); Hebrew Franks ("We Serve A Higher Purpose") camping in the Rockies; and IKEA dogs with…Read more

The Story of Force Majeure 

Trey was going through a Tim Hardin phase, and totally in love with "How Can We Hang On To A Dream". Beautiful phrasing, heartstrings strings*.

Here's the ill-fated Tim performing the tune solo.

So like all songwriters, he had to catch some that.

Feeling superblue, after losing someone delightful, a song had to come out somewhere. A song's a journey into the ever-changing truth of who you are, and Hang On To A Dream's verse chord-sequence were the magic carpet on that ride into what became Force Majeure. **

Read more

TREY PLAYS J J MURPHY'S – Saturday 18 July 

Hey y'all. Fab news – Trey's doing a free show at J J Murphy's. For more info, go here.


Thanks to all you lovely people who came to last night's show, and to Derek and Brian at JJ Murphy's, who were fab hosts.

Plus, a shout out to Don the cook for his wickedly hot n tasty penne! Highly recommended.

Soundcloud Gets Roqued 

If you're into streaming, Soundcloud is the Trey Roque Approved service that lets you stream music, audi books, podcasts an' all through your web browser or their app.

To spread the love, Trey's now there, at here.

Feel free to add comments into the track (kewl!), and trust his epiphanetic taste to springboard you into a world of sound......

............ cloud.

Got Moves? 

This guy won the Tiny Desk concert competition recently, and with good reason.

* A solid tune
* A voice like walnut butter pancakes
* Sweet moves – especially when on a mic

Sharp suit too :-)

More tunes after the first one.