Story of the Song – I Can't Bleed

All the people you love leave a little bit of themselves – or a lotta bit of themselves – in you. For the good and the bad. But when it's been all good and you're struggling to move on, what…


Story of the Song – In The Morning

James Joyce wrote about Ireland from the comfortable distance of France. Similarly, I usually write about the good side of lovin' when am single.

Leastways, that's how I rationalise it. (whatever it may be...).

While I would love…


Story of the Song – Under Influences

No one needs to be taught that online dating is fraught with many a peril. A getting all gooey-eyed over someone from a profile pic is one of them.

Sometimes a photo captures a person, even when taken by…


Story of the Song – Miss Dalton's Dream

There's a old story of John Lennon wanting some kind of sound for I Am The Walrus, and saying something along the lines of, "Bring me the sound of a thousand chanting Tibetan monks!". Chanting, "stick it up your jumper".…


Story of the Song – Tumbleweed Love

I was reading a thread on a well-know (in the community) skeptic website, with everyone basically lamenting their sorry love lives. Apparently, overweening know-alls can't score these days - go figure.

The moment of inspiration was one woman's post…


Video Schmideo - Trey Finally Puts Em Up On YouTube

Kicking and screaming into the 21st century,

Trey has finally posted up his tunes to that new-fangled flickering light thing people seem to really like when listening to music. Yes, YouTube.

But not without muttering to himself…


Stranger Things – The TV Show Theme That Owns the 80s

No, your eyeballs do not trick you, and Trey’s not being parsimonious with the blog titles (which, let’s admit it, the price goes up a dollar more).

Yes, a sweet retro title sequence. Nice and simple. In that Stephen…


Stranger Things – The TV Show That Toadally Owns the 80s

Trey made the mistake of getting into Netflix recently. He insists he’s not wasting time into the sinkhole of quality audio-visual entertainment, but doing ‘valuable research’.* 

One upside is there is some chewy stuff to sink your teeth into,…

Bob Dylan – The Wizard

A man asks a fish, "What's it like breathing water all the time?". The fish says, "What's water?"

There's something elating and sickening about Bob Dylan's oeuvre, his egg that truly roqued for two decades – slapping every other…

Roamin' Hands & Russian Fingers

Here's a quick one, stringing from the Groniad. A Russian site of guitar lessons.

If you want to improve your guitar playing, there's only your hours put into the woodshed to stop you. After all, if it's good enough for…

New Vid – Let Me Count The Ways

Not all songs are true stories. And this is one of those.

Having wrung out a new-to-him chord sequence last week, Trey stitched this one together from some odds and ends laying about on the floor.

Bmi  /  Bb6  /…