May Day Is For Lovers in Prague

Thanks to a famous poem, it's traditional in the capital, if not the provinces, to go to a park (Petrin) and kiss under the cherry-tree blossom.

Well, when it comes to kissing lovely ladies in romantic settings, we are always…

Firsts of the Season

Spring's come to Prague, and the kestrels are a-screetching. Which is music to their ears, if no one else's...

Actually, kestrels are close to Trey's heart. Maybe it's the imprinting from Ken Loach's fine movie, 'Kes', or maybe…

Gimme Mello Cello 

SUBJECT TO CHANGE is not even cut into warm slices and sent out the door in a nice square box, and Trey is already working on the next LP.

That's right. This one is slated for release November 2015...…

SUBJECT TO CHANGE – Track Listing. Mnam!

We know you know you want to know. Here's the track listing:

SUBJECT TO CHANGE IS Side-A                                                Side-B  

Don't forget – it's an acoustic-like album. But of course, that don't mean it don't ROQUE!