4 (FOUR!) New Vids of Trey & Bands Live :D

Hello Music Lovers! 

Working up towards Friday 15 March's show at Cafe Pavlac, Trey has been playing about town and rehearsing with ace drummer Adam Urban. 

If you missed the fun – don't miss the big show! Cafe Pavlac is a hip little eaterie with a whole extra side-order of music. Book now to avoid having to stand and risk getting chipotle sauce on your Friday-night best! ;p 

Here's some recent action – Trey at Prague Open Mic with Beego. Done without NO rehearsal! These guys are tight!

Trey & Adam breaking it down in rehearsal. It's the attention to detail that makes it roque.

Trey plays Baby Hairs, with Adam, in rehearsal. (Yeah, Trey needs to work on that last high note!).

And Force Majeure – drummers just love that groove :D

Check out the different interpretations of Adam vs the POM band. Cool right? ;D 

Coming up on YouTube this week, some mellow live demos of tunes fresh from the coffee pot. Don't forget to subscribe, like and share – it really does help us spread the word. 

Have a fabulicious week, wherever you are or have been! 

Team Trey 

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