A Week Of Mellow New Tunes

Hello Music Lovers!

While the hares box in the fields, and the sap rises in many a young... Ent ("I am Groot!"), Trey offers a trio of mellow love songs this week.

  • YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME – quite probably the eeriest love song ever written in Bohemia. That thing where the singer talks about an old lover, but really they're talking about themselves. (And don't singers always do that? ;)))
  • LOOKING FOR ANOTHER LOVE – a sweet song about still being in love with someone, but having to haunt the bars again on that peacock parade.
  • THIS ONE'S FOR YOU – more daydreaming of an ex-lover (are we getting the theme here yet??? ;P). Or is it another tune laid at the feet (or upon those delicate pinnae!) of the lady muse, Euterpe?

On a less airy-faery note, Trey and Adam are working on fresh takes of your fave tunes off of SUBJECT TO CHANGE and NIGHT FOR DAY. There's even a sneak retelling of tracks from the TREY ROQUE (EAGLES) EP. Collaboration is looking good! All this songs will be played for you come Friday 15 March at Cafe Pavlac. Come on, come over – and bring your BFFs!

See you soon!

Team Trey


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