Balcony Demos Return! – And Upcoming Show News :D

Hello Music Lovers!

We had a warm snap last week, so we hustled Trey off to the somewhat famous balcony to do a few new videos. Then he got chilly and went inside – poor thing!

And, seeing as it was Valentine's week, he was reminded of these three tunes from last year.

MY FUNNY HANNAHTINE – A pun? A pastiche? Or just a beautiful love song, full of longing? Maybe it's all of these things.

A PIECE OF YOU – A sweet reminder of that feeling when you first go absolutely dopey about someone.

A PALINDROME – 'Love' is one word in English for a whole lot of complex feelings and relationships.This song tries to say something about it.

A little too sentimental for you? Fear not!, on Saturday, he dropped this hard roquin' classes from his live band show. With a smidge of production!

IT'S NOT OKAY! – Some days are bad hair days. But not for Trey, who is bald as a baby eagle. Reports say that listening to this tune makes to drive 20kph faster. You have been warned!

So that's 4 (FOUR) new videos this week. Lovely! Don't forget to subscribe at YouTube in case you miss these emails.


Trey will be playing Cafe Pavlac Friday 15 March, 20:00. This time features Adam Urban on drums! Woo-hoo!

There'll be the classic tunes you know and love form the LPs and previous roquin' shows. PLUS! Some choice cuts from last year's tsunami of songwriting. Expect a tasteful blend of acoustic tunes, retro film noir ballads, and upbeat ass-shaking fun. :D

Here's the Facebook event.

Next week, look out for some behind the scenes footage as Trey and Adam get ready for the big show.

Have a fab week, wherever and whoever you are.

Team Trey


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