Guitar Solos – Macht Shau! #2

As posted in Macht Shau! #1, we're true believers in giving youse guys a fab night out. At least, the musical element of it, anyway.

But then, eventually, comes the guitar solo. Trey admits, yes, he has a penchant for noodling, wigging out, or simply indulging in some hot licks. Sometimes, he even plays the guitar. Improvisation is a much lost art in the rock world (not the roque world, happily), and we're holding out for it.

Sadly, with tap-dancing, singing and keeping up the rhythm guitar, Trey doesn't get the chance to freak out. But taking a piece of time and decorating it *, with only nimble fingers and his imagination, where quite possibly anything musical might happen, is part of our promise to Macht Shau.

And if you don't like solos, it's always an opportune moment to nip to the loo.

Here's one of Trey's fave wig-outs.

* Thanks, Frank Zappa!

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