I did a show – and I SUCKED

Hello music lovers! 

This week, I did a show at Cafe Club Misenska with Jeremy Drew. It was a full house – standing room only – and we all had a fab time. Great tunes, lovely people, and the beer and wine flowing like… beer and wine. 

But I was pretty pissed off with myself. I was playing the gorgeous songs from my upcoming LP INTIMATE LETTERS, many for the first time, and I kept making mistakes. “Forget that last mistake, and focus on the next song,” I told myself. 

Well, that works for Tiger Woods, but I really felt like I couldn’t break through. I was playing the songs, yes, but not reaching that point inside myself where the songs were played through me – not by me. And that’s where the gold is. Where the artist creates magic and memories for the audience. That’s why I love music too. 

See the vlog here. 

So I did a mind map on lessons learned, as I do after every show. Because I know how hard it is for people to make time to come see me. That there’s a million other things people can be doing. And that’s why I aim to give 2,000,000.99% of myself from the very first song to the moment everyone leaves the venue. 

Here's the mind map. 

If you came to the show on Tuesday, I’d really love to know what your experience was. Just pop me an email, it’ll be all confidential. or leave a comment. Because it actually really means the world to me to do things right.

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