Learn the Bleedin' Music – Macht Shau! #1

In some kind of very hard stone (rock, perhaps?), 'tis written – Macht Shau! 

Now, this commandment was handed down from a dodgy nightclub owner in Hamburg, to our favourite mop-tops, The Beatles. Back when they was a bubbling stew of alchemical potential*. 

And here at Power's Towers, we are reaaaally traditional about the things that matter. Your evening's entertain is one of them. 

After all, you put your calendar in order, get your ass down to the venue through inclement weather conditions ±, pays your money, and gives us your dewy-eyed attention for up to 120 minutes. This deserves the respect to give you the bestest show we can muster. 

This includes having a varied show every night. The song selection can change, sometimes the instrumentation and arrangement, and even the lyrics.# We also like to throw in syncopated dance moves on a shared mic where we can.

But one thing with which we do not put, is peeps who read the doggam chords and lyrics when doing a show.

Like, really? Is this Bach lute pieces? Tubular Bells? Or even ELP's Pictures At An Exhibition?

No. This is basically four chords and a series of oft-repeated rhymes.

When you're copping the charts, and not putting your heart and soul into the performance, we do know. Like, y'know? And it looks crap too. Michael should be nailing this tune, not walking through it.

The bar really doesn't have to be that low. Sure, you might make a mistake, but c'mon – learn the bleedin' song! No excuses! Pull your socks up, you there at the front of the stage! That's why it's called shau-business!

Here's some boys who demonstrate that working yo' ass off, and learning the material, macht for a much better shau.

* That means, before they got done famous, like. In plain Engrish. 

± Or in spite of very clement weather conditions, roque bless you! 

# Everything's subject to change. And verse-order snafus.

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