Mary Magdalene @ Stara Mydlarna – Story of the Song

Trey once had a thang about Mary Magdalene. And, like any good Catholic boy (or girl!), why not?

After all, MM is the only woman with any sass in the bible, even though she did that kinda kinky washing feet with tears thing.

Anyway, as the closest thing to JC as a girlfriend he's meant of have had (but, really, a rockstar like that? Hmmm.), and, no Freudianism not left unturned, with the same name as his mam, she's certainly worth a second look. Especially if her amanuensis is Barbara Hershey...

Naturally, Trey's penchant for green eyes is not amiss here.

BTW, the chord sequence comes from two almost forgotten 90s rock bands:
  • Emi2   /   Asus4                        – some tune by Suede, off of the LP Dogman Star. Not Oasis :-). Besides, Pete Townsend got a lot of mileage from this kind of thing too.
  • F#mi   /   Fmaj    /   Asus4  A7 – kinda similar to a part of Icehockey Hair, by Welsh wonderists Super Furry Animals.
  • Cmaj   /   Dmi     /   Fmaj          – or substitute power chords for major chords. When played in a rock ensemble, the rhythm's different, and clearly leaping from David Bowie's Soul Love, off of Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders From Mars.

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