Placeholder @ Stara Mydlarna – Story of the Song

Trey's always turning over rocks to see what's underneath them. Musically speaking.

Real rocks are a bit too gooey underneath, or have biting spiders and cheesed off vipers. Or he's too puny to turn them over, which is why he sticks to musical ones. That's the real reason.

Regardless, he was noodling with ideas lifted from Frank Zappa, particularly the '2nd no third' chord*. From this, lassitude kicked in and he simply slid his hand up and down the neck, playing a pedal note (that's a note you keep playing on because you once liked listening to the Who).

And, presto! There was some chords done did.

Soon enough, Trey's traditional warbling up and down the scale got him a melody. Add a side order of break-up-blues for the lyrics, and he found under that stone this song.

Ah! The mystery of the muse Euterpe at work!

You can hear the LP version here.

* Viz, The Idiot Bastard Son.


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