Story of the Song – Hamlet's Blues

Of all the bluesiest of Shakespeare's plays, Hamlet stands head and shoulders above the others. Especially if your name is Jorick.*

This tune is about how life's pleasures can shrink to meaningless things if you don't take a chance. Or maybe it's about a handful of simple chords with a tricky little alternate verse. Anyway, some nice phat bass, a cheeky guitar solo, and a horde of BVs on the chorus.

For those of you who think lyrics are the most important thing in a song, here ya go:

Close to a thrill as I can get 
Putting in my pocket 
Something I ain't paid for yet 
Am a cheap Hamlet 

Been hanging onto things ain't plainly true

Made a fool of myself 
As only a man can do 
Bailing out my boat with a hole 

"And I love no one" 

Reaching out ain't hard 
Tho' finding someone ain't so easy 
Wearing that placard 
Saying "Kick me, am needy" 

© A. Power 
Reproduced by permission


Trey's been on the Prague too long – that J for a Y came oh-so-naturally.


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