Story of the Song – I Can't Bleed

All the people you love leave a little bit of themselves – or a lotta bit of themselves – in you. For the good and the bad. But when it's been all good and you're struggling to move on, what are you to do?

This is one of my first 'alternate tuning' songs that didn't simply fall in love with the resonant open chords that even the pros fall for (am thinking Elvis Costello, sadly enough). Okay, strictly it's a drop-D tuning, but it was a start. Funny how we get all hide bound by conventions and our imagination gets stifled, even by something as insignificant as this.

The track was written and recorded on the same day, which may account for some of the recording's idiosyncrasies (yeah! idiosyncrasies)!). By all accounts, though, the feeling is still there. Which is what matters most, innit?

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