Story of the Song – Tumbleweed Love

I was reading a thread on a well-know (in the community) skeptic website, with everyone basically lamenting their sorry love lives. Apparently, overweening know-alls can't score these days - go figure.

The moment of inspiration was one woman's post - simply a gif of tumbleweed blown across a desert road. It could even have been this very one:


And any Big Lebowski reference, however slight and shoehorned in, is good by me.

Meanwhile, I was listening to a lot of Charlie Feathers, and reruns of Twin Peaks, and wanted some of that down-a-stairwell-electric-guitar in my world. I think I may have been reaching for the twining melody and chord sequence in My Way and went thataway. Then again, I may not - as it's hard to recall your motivations when you're in flow.

So, chords gotten and melody caught, where was I going with the lyrics? I do believe, this time, that the lyrics speak for themselves. You can find them in the description under the video on YouTube.

Happy tumbilin', tumberlin', tumbleweed lovin'!

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