Story of the Song – Under Influences

No one needs to be taught that online dating is fraught with many a peril. A getting all gooey-eyed over someone from a profile pic is one of them.

Sometimes a photo captures a person, even when taken by an amateur – the cover for Subject To Change is a fine example, as it's a great composition, and probably one of only a dozen snaps my mum had probably taken in her life by then*. In the same way, this photo of a good lookin' woman sizzled with her poise and intelligence – and I had to laugh at myself, getting all smitten over it. And there the song begins.

A brusque set of chords with thirds in the bass, that was my verse, and the chorus needed some of that tension ones gets when one is, er, y'know – frustrated. Yes, in that kind of way. Anyway, after all the ballady stuff I have, it's a nice to have ana coustic song with some STRUM! in it.

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* Untangle that syntax at your leisure.

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