THE MAGUS – now on YouTube!

Hello Music Lovers! 

This week’s cut is THE MAGUS, and it is indeed a deep cut. When we say ‘deep’, we mean deep. Like when Rutger Hauer furrows his brow at the end of Blade Runner. Yup! THAT deep. 

THE MAGUS was inspired reading John Fowles’ book of the same name, set in the 1950s on a remote Greek island. Trey (ahem!) borrows from a passage in it, as Fowles could write landscapes in a way lost by writers today. You can feel the lizard heat baked through the soles of your shoes on a cold November night ! Hmmmm. Here’s the original, creepy and charmingly dated cover to the first edition:

And, no, it’s not about Satanism. 

Anyway, enough of the lyrical inspiration - what about the musical? The unusual guitar sounds come from a tuning used by Joni Mitchell on her song SWEET BIRD, off of the masterpiece HISSING OF SUMMER LAWNS (CGDGBD). Everything always comes back to Joni. 

Again, we can celebrate music’s sinuous side, as through his explorations, Trey stumbled on this rough sapphire of a song – THE MAGUS, which is whatever you choose to make of it for yourself. 

Feel free to enjoy both tunes, and hit the ‘like’  and ‘subscribe’ buttons on YouTube – much appreciated, as ever. 





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