Too little butter spread over too much toast (I did a show and I ROCKED!)

Hello Music Lovers! 

Here’s a little news from behind the scenes at Team Trey. The House Elves all immolated themselves, the self-generating endless supply of Dothraki went to gymkhana, and the last Jedi was… just last. 

In other words, service has been interrupted a on the weekly blog and YouTube videos. 

As Bilbo so nicely put it, “Too little butter spread over too much toast”. And we’re also all outta toast. 

But here’s the good news: 

  • Trey did a FAB show at Kavarna Liberal this month. A new electric guitar sound, a solid set and – as usual – loads of audience participation. 
  • Trey’s started recoding (finally!) his latest LP – INTIMATE LETTERS. Featuring collaborations with some of Prague’s finest musicians.
  • He also has some proper music videos in the pipeline to record with some stellar dancers. Intriguing, no? 
  • Trey’s songwriting workshops (“Trey’s Way”) have been well attended and a ton of fun. 
  • He’s still writing songs – 29 so far this year. 

So hang in there, keep his songs on repeat on your Spotify, and come on – come over to his next show. 

Ciao, bella! 

Team Trey

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