Trey plays Cafe Club Misenska THIS FRIDAY 20:00

Hello Music Lovers! 

A reminder that Trey will play the Cafe Club Misenska on Friday 23 March, starting 20:00.  

Trey will be playing a mix of acoustic and electric sets – with some audience participation too! 

There is a cover charge in the form of donations 50-100Kc, pay what you like. For that you get over 90 minutes of music plus memories of a lovely night out. 

Here's the address: 

Misenska 71/3, 118 00 Mala Strana 

And their Facebook page: 

Bar number: +420 723 380 950 

By the way – someone asked if the bar does food. Sadly not, just snacks. So eat heartily before coming along! 

Looking forward to Friday! Bring your friends!

Team Trey

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