Trey’s Valentine's Day Special!

Hello, music lovers! 

Wether you love it, hate it or just plain ‘meh’ it, Valentine’s came and went in a flurry of rose petals and sloppy displays of public affection. 

Personally, we at team Trey love it! Any excuse for a bit of romance – as Trey’s tunes will attest. 

Meanwhile, we offered our own spin on this thing called lurve, by way of 3 fab new songs. You can catch them all on YouTube. 

  • BEFORE YOU FORGET ME – the heartbreaking song Trey penned this time last year, that inspired the INTIMATE LETTERS album. 
  • NO MOOD TO WAIT – A naughty rocker, for what comes after the chocs, candleight dinners and hurried tram-ride home. 
  • IN YOU SO BAD – As one fan put it, this tune is ‘risque’. Risque! Quelle domage! We could blush, were it not for the layers of digital pancake makeup we’re wearing. 

Now the weather’s turning fine and all spring-like and lovely, expect some fresh balcony videos next week. With added green woodpecker calls! 

Have a loving weekend, whether you’re single or not.

Team Trey

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