Tro-lololololololo-ling! Part Un!

Still in Steely Dan mode, and that epic lyric, 'Even Cathy Berberian knows, there's one roulade+ she can't sing'.

Cathy might have been cast in A Clockwork Orange as that poor woman murdered by an unwieldy lingam. Trey says that she is one of a kind – that she bridges the classical and (then) pop world, and manages to take the piss out of both. Meanwhile, striking that sonorous discordant note between pastiche and respect. Well, credit where credit is due.

Happily, the interwebs are a cornucopia of obscuriantism. Like the Oracle of Delphi, one only needs to know which question to ask, to become iluminated. And here is Cathy, in all her rouladian glory. Note her mention of 'the provinces' - we're clearly in piss-take^ territory here. Ticket To Ride:


Laugh? We nearly bought our own beer!*

However, the clown does indeed have tears, and here are sumptuous arrangements that may tweak a sentimental one or two. (Either that, or we've got late onset hay fever). Macca's pastiche out-parodied, Ma Michelle:

And here, Yesterday:

Which manages to be both a parody, and a lyric monody. Which is how we like it, here at Power's Towers.

So, back to where we started – given Cathy's ouvre, is it no wonder she got name-checked by the ever sardonic, sidelong, and musically sinuous Steely Dan? Tribute indeed. Wish that we were given a time machine to benighted (!).

Oh, and here's the Steel Dan tune, for your musical edification.


+ A roulade is defined thusly:

roulade |ruːˈlɑːd| 
1 a dish cooked or served in the form of a roll, typically made from a flat piece of meat, fish, or sponge, spread with a soft filling and rolled up into a spiral. 
2 a florid passage of runs in classical music for a solo virtuoso, especially one sung to one syllable. Mozart's Constanze sings her defiance in proudly beautiful roulades.

^ piss-take 
nounBrit. vulgar slang 
an act of mockery.

* Ancient Northern English expression. Truth is, we;'re always happy to buy our own beer. We may even buys yours, if we're not from Yorkshire.

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