Video Releases this week – EVERY DAY, BABY!

Hello Music Lovers! 

Things are heating up for 2019 – just as Trey planned it. (Or at least, tells us after things happen). 

We had a fab show at Cafe Pavlac last week. Lovely people in the audience and staff too. :D Adam Urban joined Trey on kit, and vids will soon be posted. Stay tuned to the YouTube channel to get regular updates. 

So this week, we have something special – a video every day of the week! Woo-hoo! All vids are from Trey's acoustic set last week.

Each video goes live at 11:45am CET on YouTube. If you’re a Facebook or Instagram person, vids will be up there after the YouTube ones. (We’re having odd technical problems making it happen easily, TBH). 

Meanwhile, here’s a review of last week’s videos: 

HEY NEIGHBOUR! – Trey’s singalong classic. It's upbeat and it's happy. :D

NO WELCOME – One of last year’s clutch of songs about a certain Tinkerbelle. Poignant. Yes. 

JUNKIE – There are many things to be addicted too. Trey knows. And he proves that he has at least two shirts....

Trey will also be playing a double-bill on Tuesday April 2, at Cafe Club Misenska. The other artist? We’ll let you know! Suffice to say, he’s a handsome young chap with a sweet voice and lovely tunes. 

If you missed last week’s show and need a little soupçon of Trey live, he’ll be playing TWO tunes at this month’s Prague Open Mic, hosted by the talented Beego, and backed by the house band. Last time was fabulicious – and this time promises to be just as good. It's a La Loca bar, Prague, starting 19:00. Come one, come over! 

Hasta la vista, babies. 

Team Trey

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