Video Schmideo for 2019 – 3 Songs Per Week!

Hello music lovers! 

As promised, we’ve been working like house elves chained in the Slytherin dungeons to bring you a song a week on YouTube. 

Well, whatever Trey is feeding us in our gruel, it’s certainly working! We have THREE VIDEOS for you this week! 

HOW WE SAY GOODBYE has rolled out this evening, and tomorrow at 7pm CET there’s STONE IN MY HEART – which Trey wrote under a flu this weekend, and his voice shows it. 

Then Saturday morning, there’ll  be NO ONE KNOWS (II). A bit of a downer over breakfast, perhaps, but tunefully croaky all the same. Maybe suitable for those of us with hangovers?

Trey really has cracked the whip, and we are scheduled to release THREE songs per week throughout the year. The video standards may be a little rough around the forelocks, but the song quality is… magnifique! 

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Team Trey

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