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Too little butter spread over too much toast (I did a show and I ROCKED!) 

Hello Music Lovers! 

Here’s a little news from behind the scenes at Team Trey. The House Elves all immolated themselves, the self-generating endless supply of Dothraki went to gymkhana, and the last Jedi was… just last. 

In other words, service has been interrupted a on the weekly blog and YouTube videos. 

As Bilbo so nicely put it, “Too little butter spread over too much toast”. And we’re also all outta toast. 

But here’s the good news: 

  • Trey did a FAB show at Kavarna Liberal this month. A new…

Where It's At – An Update 

With red faces, we just looked at our pretty lousy blogging and showtime performance the last few months. Our apologies to those of you starved of some hard Roquin'.

The fab news is – we've been working like Santa's elves in the off-season to conjure up Trey's next LP NIGHT FOR DAY.

Production so far has been delicious. The LP promises to be something like Joni Mitchell's Blue, meets Velvet Underground's Loaded, via Beck' Sea Change.

For those of you thinking, "Oh, gawd, that sounds depressing!" think of the…Read more

Gimme Mello Cello  

SUBJECT TO CHANGE is not even cut into warm slices and sent out the door in a nice square box, and Trey is already working on the next LP.

That's right. This one is slated for release November 2015... So he ought to get kneading more of that tasty dough, right?

To this end, let’s give a Roquing welcome to Ranjana Epp, our journeywoman cellist!

Here’s a rough demo of our first rehearsal, for that old favourite, SUGARPLUM FAIRY. It’s a bit shaky, as Trey’d just cut his finger deep on a trashcan, and Rani…

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