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Video Schmideo - Trey Finally Puts Em Up On YouTube 

Kicking and screaming into the 21st century,

Trey has finally posted up his tunes to that new-fangled flickering light thing people seem to really like when listening to music. Yes, YouTube.

But not without muttering to himself, 'Just close your bloody eyes and listen to the music. Best bloody video is your own imagination'. What a delightful old curmudgeon he is! Bless.

Each Tuesday until we run out of content, we are releasing an original hand crafted but hipster-free video. Dare we say - curated…

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May Day Is For Lovers in Prague 

Thanks to a famous poem, it's traditional in the capital, if not the provinces, to go to a park (Petrin) and kiss under the cherry-tree blossom.

Well, when it comes to kissing lovely ladies in romantic settings, we are always up to our chores, so up the hill we troop....

Meanwhile, there was some quite nice classical ensemble playing. If anyone know the pieces they're playing,let us know in the comments.