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Tro-lololololololo-ling! Part Un! 

Still in Steely Dan mode, and that epic lyric, 'Even Cathy Berberian knows, there's one roulade+ she can't sing'.

Cathy might have been cast in A Clockwork Orange as that poor woman murdered by an unwieldy lingam. Trey says that she is one of a kind – that she bridges the classical and (then) pop world, and manages to take the piss out of both. Meanwhile, striking that sonorous discordant note between pastiche and respect. Well, credit where credit is due.

Happily, the interwebs are a cornucopia of…

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Walter Becker – So Long Bodhisattva 

It’s been a few weeks since half of Steely Dan, the oft overshadowed Walter Becker, met his reward. In between closing on the end of Night For Day, we wanted to think awhile and raise a glass to what Steel Dan mean to us, here at Power’s Towers. 

As any major dude will tell you, when it comes to jazz rocketry, no one gets near Messrs Becker and Fagan for elegant disdain and booze addled sophistry.* Very few of their tunes are campfire songs, for you need nippy fingers to get some of those chords in, and…

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Broken Glass In the Pulp... Fiction 

Pop quiz time – who is Stephen King talking about here? "The guy was over the top. The guy was absolutely over the top. Big Jim didn't know the meaning of the word stop. There are three brave lets inherent in the foregoing: he let himself see everything, he let himself write it down, then he let himself publish it."

If you guessed Jim Thompson, the hardest of hard-boiled crime novelists, you win a unicorn.

Perusing his wikipedia entry, the sweet seductive smell of failure drifts from your screen and…

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Happy Birthday – GG! 

Happy birthday, initials GG!*

Of course, that means Glenn Gould. Sadly, he’s not been around since the 80s to celebrate anything, but that should not mean we cannot raise a glass (of whatever beverage) to commemorate his genius and lavish gifts to music. 

An oft overlooked aspect to GG was the team that helped him perform – his tuner, the partialliy-sighted Verne Edquist (see the book CD318, A Romance on Three Legs), the engineers who worked often with him (see below), his famous wee chair, and the…

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A Roque Magickal Day For All Of Us 

September 24,1991 was one of the most significant days in le histoire du roque. On this SINGLE day was released Nevermind by Nirvana and Blood Sugar Sex Magick by Red Hot Chili Peppers. An embarrassment of riches we had back in the daaaay. 

Theory me this – Nevermind was the last great album of the 80s, and Blood Sugar the last great album of the 90s. One made a virtue of everything learned in music production of the 80s (which is embodied in the avatar of Butch Vig), and the other was a classic rock…

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Happy birthday - Dweezil Zappa! 

The first rule of blogging is – never write in the browser. Yes, verily, even in 217 the fricken thing will crash and zap all you lovely textual textifications. 

Anyway, being of a positive mindset, Trey directed us to a better kind of Zap – that is, Dweezil Zappa, bearer of the flame of his pater Frank Zappa. Currently on a worldwide tour (yay!) but not coming with spitting distance of Praha (ya-booo!). 

The sensibly named Dweezil* (birth name actually Ian Donald Calvin Zappa, after the guys in the…

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Stranger Things – The TV Show Theme That Owns the 80s 

No, your eyeballs do not trick you, and Trey’s not being parsimonious with the blog titles (which, let’s admit it, the price goes up a dollar more).

Yes, a sweet retro title sequence. Nice and simple. In that Stephen King font.* 

Yes again, nice warm synths, with echoes of Tangerine Dream, the music from Salem’s Lot, and prolly an early Cronenberg joint.

The mix is pretty darn good at keeping the simple pulse going, while shifting our attention around a bit in the stereo field. 

And we can’t forget the…

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Bob Dylan – The Wizard 

A man asks a fish, "What's it like breathing water all the time?". The fish says, "What's water?"

There's something elating and sickening about Bob Dylan's oeuvre, his egg that truly roqued for two decades – slapping every other artist's output in the chops with aforementioned fish from above. Indeed, he was the eggman.

Elating, 'cos the man is a colossus of vocal stylings, verse, musical composition, and artistic vision. And he was a snappy dresser, with muchos grandes cojones, paving the way for even the…Read more

Happy Birthday – Robert 'Percy' Plant! 

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, babeeee!

That last one is sung VERY high.

Robert Plant brought the thunder to an already thunderous ensemble – Pagey, Bonzo and JPJ. Starting out in Led Zeppelin at the age of 19, he was everything the roque template required of a singer – the sexual appetite of a bull on viagra, enormous lungs that could pitch stratocasterly, cod blues lyrics tinged with a tad of Tolkien, and a big tadger.

Many have been the impersonators (*cough* Mr Coverdale), but like the rest of the band – no…Read more

Birthday Trifecta! – Kate, Geddy n Elliot! 

Some people feel the cold more than others, and they tend to 'pour the biskwik+' sooner than hardier types.

So after them ugggin the bumplies** – we get a clutch of birthdays bumped in the summer.

Now – imagine a band made up of these glittering solstician [Eh?: Ed] musical comets? [Too much, too much!: Ed]. This could just be comprised of today's blog-topics. Q.v. the post title.

Geddy Lee (29 July) needs no introduction to those who know him. Obviously. Another roquin' Jew bringing the rocket sauce to…Read more