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Story of the Song – Hamlet's Blues 

Of all the bluesiest of Shakespeare's plays, Hamlet stands head and shoulders above the others. Especially if your name is Jorick.*

This tune is about how life's pleasures can shrink to meaningless things if you don't take a chance. Or maybe it's about a handful of simple chords with a tricky little alternate verse. Anyway, some nice phat bass, a cheeky guitar solo, and a horde of BVs on the chorus.

For those of you who think lyrics are the most important thing in a song, here ya go:

Close to a thrill as…

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Story of the Song – I Can't Bleed 

All the people you love leave a little bit of themselves – or a lotta bit of themselves – in you. For the good and the bad. But when it's been all good and you're struggling to move on, what are you to do?

This is one of my first 'alternate tuning' songs that didn't simply fall in love with the resonant open chords that even the pros fall for (am thinking Elvis Costello, sadly enough). Okay, strictly it's a drop-D tuning, but it was a start. Funny how we get all hide bound by conventions and our…

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Story of the Song – I Said Something (And Now I Know) 

I guess all of us have opened our big flapping gobs and said something we wished we hadn't. This may be a specialty for some (hmmmm?). But let us not get into the if I could turn back time groove. Rut. Snake pit.

I can never write a melody if the chords aren't telling me a story. The movement or suspense of each note is a conversation between a group of people, almost, and I'm merely listening in and taking notes. But that doesn't always mean each sequence and voicing has been sweat over – the verse chords…

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Story of the Song – In The Morning 

James Joyce wrote about Ireland from the comfortable distance of France. Similarly, I usually write about the good side of lovin' when am single.

Leastways, that's how I rationalise it. (whatever it may be...).

While I would love to pen one of those upbeat, uplifting peans to romantic love that encompass all the thrill and joy of finding Someone -– a la Holland Dozier Holland – it's those wee details of living with and around someone that make a love affair so sweet. This is the way I appear to express…

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Story of the Song – Under Influences 

No one needs to be taught that online dating is fraught with many a peril. A getting all gooey-eyed over someone from a profile pic is one of them.

Sometimes a photo captures a person, even when taken by an amateur – the cover for Subject To Change is a fine example, as it's a great composition, and probably one of only a dozen snaps my mum had probably taken in her life by then*. In the same way, this photo of a good lookin' woman sizzled with her poise and intelligence – and I had to laugh at myself…

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Story of the Song – Miss Dalton's Dream 

There's a old story of John Lennon wanting some kind of sound for I Am The Walrus, and saying something along the lines of, "Bring me the sound of a thousand chanting Tibetan monks!". Chanting, "stick it up your jumper". Deep.

(You're at this site and you really need a full refresher on that amazin slice of yellow mellow custard? Hm.)

There's Beck, mixing it up with his breakthrough LP Mellow Gold.

The actual egg of the song breaks open from the chord changes here, and the lyrics jump off of the…

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Story of the Song – Tumbleweed Love 

I was reading a thread on a well-know (in the community) skeptic website, with everyone basically lamenting their sorry love lives. Apparently, overweening know-alls can't score these days - go figure.

The moment of inspiration was one woman's post - simply a gif of tumbleweed blown across a desert road. It could even have been this very one:


And any Big Lebowski reference, however slight and shoehorned in, is good by me.

Meanwhile, I was listening to a lot of Charlie Feathers, and reruns…

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New Vid – Let Me Count The Ways 

Not all songs are true stories. And this is one of those.

Having wrung out a new-to-him chord sequence last week, Trey stitched this one together from some odds and ends laying about on the floor.

Bmi  /  Bb6  /  F#

Thought about Elliot Smith some, as the summer sun beat down. Dory Previn and the Hollywood sign. Bernard Hermann, in a curtains-drawn parlour, not too far from the Universal Studios lot. The bums of Bunker Hill, and a certain detective. Being all upset and such is perhaps worse when the world is…Read more

Placeholder @ Stara Mydlarna – Story of the Song 

Trey's always turning over rocks to see what's underneath them. Musically speaking.

Real rocks are a bit too gooey underneath, or have biting spiders and cheesed off vipers. Or he's too puny to turn them over, which is why he sticks to musical ones. That's the real reason.

Regardless, he was noodling with ideas lifted from Frank Zappa, particularly the '2nd no third' chord*. From this, lassitude kicked in and he simply slid his hand up and down the neck, playing a pedal note (that's a note you keep playing…Read more

Mary Magdalene @ Stara Mydlarna – Story of the Song 

Trey once had a thang about Mary Magdalene. And, like any good Catholic boy (or girl!), why not?

After all, MM is the only woman with any sass in the bible, even though she did that kinda kinky washing feet with tears thing.

Anyway, as the closest thing to JC as a girlfriend he's meant of have had (but, really, a rockstar like that? Hmmm.), and, no Freudianism not left unturned, with the same name as his mam, she's certainly worth a second look. Especially if her amanuensis is Barbara Hershey...

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