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Too little butter spread over too much toast (I did a show and I ROCKED!) 

Hello Music Lovers! 

Here’s a little news from behind the scenes at Team Trey. The House Elves all immolated themselves, the self-generating endless supply of Dothraki went to gymkhana, and the last Jedi was… just last. 

In other words, service has been interrupted a on the weekly blog and YouTube videos. 

As Bilbo so nicely put it, “Too little butter spread over too much toast”. And we’re also all outta toast. 

But here’s the good news: 

  • Trey did a FAB show at Kavarna Liberal this month. A new…

I did a show – and I SUCKED 

Hello music lovers! 

This week, I did a show at Cafe Club Misenska with Jeremy Drew. It was a full house – standing room only – and we all had a fab time. Great tunes, lovely people, and the beer and wine flowing like… beer and wine. 

But I was pretty pissed off with myself. I was playing the gorgeous songs from my upcoming LP INTIMATE LETTERS, many for the first time, and I kept making mistakes. “Forget that last mistake, and focus on the next song,” I told myself. 

Well, that works for Tiger Woods, but…

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Video Schmideo for 2019 – 3 Songs Per Week! 

Hello music lovers! 

As promised, we’ve been working like house elves chained in the Slytherin dungeons to bring you a song a week on YouTube. 

Well, whatever Trey is feeding us in our gruel, it’s certainly working! We have THREE VIDEOS for you this week! 

HOW WE SAY GOODBYE has rolled out this evening, and tomorrow at 7pm CET there’s STONE IN MY HEART – which Trey wrote under a flu this weekend, and his voice shows it. 

Then Saturday morning, there’ll  be NO ONE KNOWS (II). A bit of a downer over…

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Trash it! – When Pop Kicks Ass 

We don't need to persuade the unpersuadable, but ...

Music first and foremost is about the emotion. And sometimes that emotion is taking the piss. While you can also wiggle yo ass.

To wit:

LMFAO make best use of the MTV body complex, but defy it with their afros and 80s bustamoves. Props!*

And maybe their budget for hot models. But hey.

The main problem with true contemporary pop is – there's is so much drekk, it's hard to find the trash. As adults, we just got to let the trash flow on in as it when, pending…Read more

The Beauty of Charlie Watts 

Not that Charlie's losing any sleep about what we at Power's Towers think, but here's our 'appenyworth.

As we writ at length in a previous post – great drums need two elements. A simple 2-3 mic setup, a room, and a swinging drummer.

And, yes, that's two elements. Mebbe even one.

After all, no one breaks a delish beer into its component parts, does they? And there's only 4!!

Charlie Watts puts a fricken enorgic beat behind that dance-happy band, that's tight as a gnat's tw**, and needs no introduction. In fact…Read more

Happy Birthday – Ringo! 

See? No need to say which Ringo we mean.

There's a lot of claptrap about Ringo being 'the luckiest Beatle'*, much as there are eeijits who deride Meg White for her artful artlessly simple drumming (Jack's not the same without her).

Like a lot of people who know zip about music, writing songs, being in a band (and keeping it together), these claptrappers fail to notice – what it means to truly know music, writing a song, being in a band (and keeping it together).

Not that Ringo, surprisingly the eldest Beatle…Read more

Reasons To Be Cheerful 

According to Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – in order to paint the perfect picture, make yourself perfect. Then paint a picture.*

In this spirit of this, we at Power's Towers are always looking for another 1% to keep our edges sharp, and our wits sharper.

To wit: the gratitude diary.

According to realnotbogusatallandactuallyfactuallycorrect science, peeps who keep a diary of gratitudes for every day (with 5 items per day) have a 25% higher happiness rating than the comparison group (i.e. mardy bums)…Read more

Guitar Solos – Macht Shau! #2 

As posted in Macht Shau! #1, we're true believers in giving youse guys a fab night out. At least, the musical element of it, anyway.

But then, eventually, comes the guitar solo. Trey admits, yes, he has a penchant for noodling, wigging out, or simply indulging in some hot licks. Sometimes, he even plays the guitar. Improvisation is a much lost art in the rock world (not the roque world, happily), and we're holding out for it.

Sadly, with tap-dancing, singing and keeping up the rhythm guitar, Trey doesn't get…Read more

Learn the Bleedin' Music – Macht Shau! #1 

In some kind of very hard stone (rock, perhaps?), 'tis written – Macht Shau! 

Now, this commandment was handed down from a dodgy nightclub owner in Hamburg, to our favourite mop-tops, The Beatles. Back when they was a bubbling stew of alchemical potential*. 

And here at Power's Towers, we are reaaaally traditional about the things that matter. Your evening's entertain is one of them. 

After all, you put your calendar in order, get your ass down to the venue through inclement weather conditions ±, pays…

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Axl/ DC – Roquin' It For Real 

Here at Power's Towers we couldn't believe the reflected light into our eyesockets that Axl Rose would be playing with AC/DC on their latest tour.

Like, that's about as crazy as G'n'R getting back together.... Er! Hold up!

So, we pulled some money from down the back of the couch and ponied up for a ticket. Front of stage, naturally.

The verdict is – 100% pure roquin' entertainment. There are two litmus tests for how good a show is:

1. You're totally forgetting all your life shiitake and what a knob you might…Read more