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New Vid – Let Me Count The Ways 

Not all songs are true stories. And this is one of those.

Having wrung out a new-to-him chord sequence last week, Trey stitched this one together from some odds and ends laying about on the floor.

Bmi  /  Bb6  /  F#

Thought about Elliot Smith some, as the summer sun beat down. Dory Previn and the Hollywood sign. Bernard Hermann, in a curtains-drawn parlour, not too far from the Universal Studios lot. The bums of Bunker Hill, and a certain detective. Being all upset and such is perhaps worse when the world is…Read more

New Vid – Fancy My Chances 

Trey don't st-st-stop da beat. Somewhere in the garage of his mind, he's writing up some new sensations for your jaded senses.+

He is always being told, by fans and the Internet-Ones-Who-Know that vid is THE way to share, and he got to starting sharing a LOT more anyways. Less living in that ivory tower is good for you, Trey! Especially when you got no hair to Rapunzel by!

To this end, he's swallowed his chagrin and started doing vids of him playing. Down to popular demand!*

Fancy My Chances is what it appears…Read more

Where It's At – An Update 

With red faces, we just looked at our pretty lousy blogging and showtime performance the last few months. Our apologies to those of you starved of some hard Roquin'.

The fab news is – we've been working like Santa's elves in the off-season to conjure up Trey's next LP NIGHT FOR DAY.

Production so far has been delicious. The LP promises to be something like Joni Mitchell's Blue, meets Velvet Underground's Loaded, via Beck' Sea Change.

For those of you thinking, "Oh, gawd, that sounds depressing!" think of the…Read more