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The Beauty of Charlie Watts 

Not that Charlie's losing any sleep about what we at Power's Towers think, but here's our 'appenyworth.

As we writ at length in a previous post – great drums need two elements. A simple 2-3 mic setup, a room, and a swinging drummer.

And, yes, that's two elements. Mebbe even one.

After all, no one breaks a delish beer into its component parts, does they? And there's only 4!!

Charlie Watts puts a fricken enorgic beat behind that dance-happy band, that's tight as a gnat's tw**, and needs no introduction. In fact…Read more

Rooms For Drums 

Recording musick is something of a dark art. That is, most of us are in the dark when we make it.

And, were Trey to be the dogmatic type*, one thing written in non-permeable stone would go thus:
  Just 3 fricken mics max and put the fricker into mono.
The apocrypha would add: And make sure there's a shiitake load of room in dem mics!!
So, for you lay people, what does that mean in plain Engrish? Here's the glossary:
  • Mics = microphones (not Michaels)
  • Mono = the way we heard recorded music before 1963…

Music On A Plate 

These days, even the ever so 'umble have a stupid amount of top quality studio kit tucked away in their computer. But somehow, most of us aren't using it to make the stonkingly solid sounds of the golden age of roque n pop. Like, what gives?

One diadem in the crown of fabulicious music was – and, digitally, remains – what is called a 'plate reverb'. This simulates what most folks call 'echo', which is something else really, for the muso-minded.

Anyway, a plate reverb is a cunning device conjured from bits of…Read more