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Broken Glass In the Pulp... Fiction 

Pop quiz time – who is Stephen King talking about here? "The guy was over the top. The guy was absolutely over the top. Big Jim didn't know the meaning of the word stop. There are three brave lets inherent in the foregoing: he let himself see everything, he let himself write it down, then he let himself publish it."

If you guessed Jim Thompson, the hardest of hard-boiled crime novelists, you win a unicorn.

Perusing his wikipedia entry, the sweet seductive smell of failure drifts from your screen and…

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What Trey Did In The Summer 

Probably the least click bait title in the history of blogs. Whatever.

Some time ago, Trey climbed that mountain and wrote a full length novel. But he held the fries. Junk Food is the result – a science-fiction satire about a space trucker who becomes a vampire. Yeah.

Thinking that peeps likes vampires (before it was kind of done to undeath) and begrudgingly like SF too, especially movies n shows, he slammed the two genres together. And, being the tinkerer he is at heart, there's also a fair dollop of pulpy…Read more