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  1. Fool In Love

From the recording Trey Roque EP

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Words & music © A Power


Have you ever gone walking when the leaves turned cold?
Did she want to hold your hand in a band of gold?
Silhouetted on a hill in the white moonlight
Did you eat nice meals by candlelight?

“Did you sweat, bet, get her all wet/ With the words of trust in her bed? / You fool in love”

Did you get to meet the family and they were alright?
Was her sister just as pretty, dynamite?
As you moved into her body did you think of her
Or the girls that you flirt with at work?

“With a love glove hidden in your wallet/ Just in case something good should turn up?/ You fool in love”

Now that’s she’s made you feel so changed
You think of the future as she’s aged
Find something better, anyway
So you lay down the law as you shot your cuffs
‘Cos the terms of true love were too tough
And is she living with a man who’s really good to her
Or have you spoiled her heart for any other love?

“And what of you, who’s keeping well to/ Some picture of perfection in his head?/ You fool in love.”

© A Power, lyrics reproduced by permission