From the recording Trey Roque EP

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Don’t need a grapevine to be telling me the news
I can see it clear as light of day
Holding back emotions, when my heart feels so abused
But you know, emotions have their way

“When am with you, I feel lonely/ Say ‘Honey, don’t you want me?/ Don’t you want me tonight?’/ Something ain’t right”

Talking about a workmate, I can see you’re losing weight
Never have you looked so good to me
Got myself to blame for reaching such a state
I never did listen well to me

There’s a murder scene that’s in my head
And I got to draw a line around when life turned so unkind
Take the sheets from our loving bed
I been doing it for weeks ‘cos a crime’s got to leave a sign
And I been remiss, but more than this....

© A Power, lyrics reproduced by permission