From the recording Subject To Change

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Well I just don't feel like saying "dobry den" today
I chased some skirt, I tore my shirt trying to drink these blues away
Wherever else am going, am sure to be the last to knowing
People tell me that it's showing – that's what they say

See, I don't quite know what part am meant to play
It seems I let ambition go astray
Regardless of my wishing
Am never nearer my life's mission
I got to galvanize my vision or lose my way

If living by my passions means there's gonna be a hell to pay
For the things I hold in high regard
And the ways that am trying hard – am giving it the whole nine yards
Whatever makes life's meaning – I'll never stop believing

So I step up to the plate to make my play
Swinging for the stands come Saturday
If am to win, I'll write something that wasn't here yesterday
Am going to bust out playing my own tunes come what may
No more will I dither!
Going to shake those blues, baby, loose and make some hay
Going to live my life, let my own lights lead the way

© A. Power
Reproduced by permission