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  1. Tumbleweed Love

From the recording Subject To Change

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I hope the rain don't come while am wearing my suit
I get the silver fox blues, well ain't that the truth?
Those sidelong eyes from women passing by seem to miss me in my scrubs
It's a world of sakes and appearances
Tumbleweed love

You wish you'd hot in your hand a flight for fair lands
Blues skies and fresh fruit, a new bathing suit
Regards from those guys as you sashay by
Is it sand that's in your eye, to think perhaps those days are drub?
Tumbleweed love

Life leaves a pale washed-out hue
You sit in the dark cos you're feeling so blue
The ink in your arm has lost some of its charm, now it's not defined as tight as it was
But what is?
Tumbleweed love

© A. Power
Reproduced by permission